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Why we do it

Childhood cancers have a high rate of cure but medical treatment needs to be supported by an infection free, cheerful environment and proper nourishment. Treatment may last as long as two years, but the child is not hospitalized all through this period. Needy parents from rural India bring their children suffering from cancer to large cities where low- or zero cost treatment is available.
Clean safe accommodation is beyond their means and often these hapless families land up on streets next to the hospital where the child is being treated. The filth and squalor leaves them vulnerable to opportunistic secondary infections, which neutralise the effect of the treatment, with the result that proper hygienic food is not available for the child. In despair parents often abandon treatment altogether.
This is the gap that St. Judes seeks to bridge, with its innovative model of holistic care.
Our hygienic, protective, nurturing environment gives these children the best chance of beating cancer, by allowing them to recuperate and lead a full, healthy life.
In a country where care for the needy, has long been accepted as dismal at best, St. Judes is working to not only fill in a large unmet need, but also to fundamentally change this mind-set.