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Team KKR Visits St. Judes, Kolkata

By Paramita Sen

St.Jude children with KKR team      

Ace cricketers Yusuf Pathan, Robin Uthappa and Sheldon Jackson of the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) enthralled our children in Kolkata as they walked down the corridor of our Premashraya centre and spent some quality time in their individual units. They were accompanied by their CEO Venky Mysore and Gionee officials. The players spent some fun time with the children singing and dancing on nursery rhymes. The players went to each unit around the centre interacting with and inspiring children and their parents. Our kids loved the team jerseys with their names and the synthesizer each of them received as a gift from the KKR. The PureIt water purifier will ensure the health and happiness of our families when they go back home.


They autographed a message on individual cards which were displayed on the soft boards in their units. They played cricket with each child within the unit. Everyone had their mobiles out and was excitedly taking as many selfies with their favourite cricketer as the brief moment would permit. Yusuf Pathan was moved to tears and KKR is committed to improving the plight of the families they met.


Before the players left the children gifted mugs and calendars to the players and the team handed out group photographs of the children and players set in a customised KKR frame.


Thanks a ton, KKR for your kindness, generosity and support!

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