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01/03/2018 Teachers touch your life

Alejandra Rodriguez, from Guatemala, a volunteer for six weeks at our St Jude Centre received these beautiful words from one of her students Aditya.


Your given knowledge is like an awesome day .
But a day also has a sunset.
We feel proud that you to India came.
Best of luck for your future.
Bye-bye Alex Mam.


One day our senior teacher gave us a surprise.
She was a foreigner and we said ‘oh nice’.
Then I thought once and twice.
That she gives us knowledge.
That we cannot buy at any price.


First day I was in trouble.
I couldn’t put a single or double.
Oh-oh so frustrating
She said let ‘s do new some thing
Let’s change the task.
We had music class.
Oh so much of fun we had done.
I can’t explain in words.
Think only that you are flying birds.
The boys who played full day carrom.
They are expert in Algebra and Pythagoras theorem


In very little time teacher you were also a part of our St Jude family tree.
We also learnt Art, GK, and History.
You will go but not your knowledge.

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