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A Gala Fundraiser for St.Judes in London

At a memorable fundraiser organised by the SJICC UK Trust on 6 May in London, a hundred odd guests pledged their support to St. Judes, which is aimed at financing our upcoming Tata Memorial Centre (TMC) project. The TMC Project will make a huge difference to the support SJICC UK Trust provides for needy children in Mumbai, as it envisages accommodation for 165 families in 14 Centres that will be set up in three buildings, offered to St. Judes by the Tata Memorial Centre.

Under an SJICC UK-sponsored project, an exhibition entitled 'A Look Through Their Eyes' debuted at the Unilever House on the occasion and a hundred odd invitees got to see glimpses of life at St. Judes through photographs clicked by the children themselves. DK India had previously held workshops at our Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai Centres to train our children in taking photographs.

The venue for the fundraiser was provided by Unilever which offers one of the most spectacular views over central London.

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