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8/6/2017 - Brett Lee Launches St. Judes' Music Therapy Programme

Brett Lee_Final.jpg                                   Brett Lee visited our centre in Mumbai to help spread awareness about the life-changing benefits of clinical music therapy. Lee who is passionate about music said that he feels the relaxing effect of music in his own life, and this prompted him to share the benefits of the complimentary therapy with our children.     He took out time to participate in a music therapy session, playing the guitar and singing along with our enthusiastic children. Speaking about music therapy, Lee said Music is a part of my childhood and it makes me who I am. I staunchly believe that it can change lives. There is lots of research that backs this up and I am privileged to be able to create awareness about its clinical benefits for young cancer patients. I look forward to making more people cognizant of the life-changing positive effects of music therapy.     It is through the support of Brett Lee, Mewsic Foundation and Jamna Auto Industries, that our children are able to partake in music therapy sessions that help them reduce their pain and cope better with cancer.

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