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22/04/2017 - St. Judes Organizes Its First Math Mela

24.04.2017     On 22ndApril, our Cotton Green Campus came alive with lots of energy for our first ever Math Mela! Forget fearing math, have fun with it this was the lesson learnt from the Mela.   The evening began with our Vice Chairperson, Ms. Gargi Mashruwala narrating her own experiences with Math, and encouraging the children to pay attention to it since it is the one subject that is most useful in everyday life.   The inauguration by Ms. Mashruwala was followed by a lively puppet show, where our families learnt about shapes, and about the rules of the Mela. Some of the families were so keen to get a glimpse of the puppets, they went and stood far back, on the stairs to get a better view!   Each stall at the Mela contained one fun game that explained a math concept. Right from measurement to geometry and multiplication, the stalls covered a whole array of skills. Parents forgot all their worries, and rediscovered their inner child laughing and giggling as they moved from stall to stall. They enthusiastically participated in the stalls, racing against the clock to complete each game in time.   We were most proud of our children who used their language skills to explain the game to participants and math skills to declare the winners! Our families were given a healthy and nutritious snack after the Mela. A few of our children who were in isolation, were brought down to enjoy the games facilitated by the teachers, after all the other families had returned.   The Mela was a great success, thanks to the effort of our Second Circle and Third Circle teams that had been planning the Mela for over one month. As a follow up to the Mela, the Third Circle team screened the movieNil Battery Santana, which is a beautiful story of a girls struggle with the subject and how she comes to love it.

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