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How you can help us

St. Judes is grateful for any support, monetary or in kind, that will enhance our services to our beneficiaries. You may donate any amount and donations will be eligible for tax exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

You could

Celebrate a festival
Sponsor a birthday party
Organise an outing for children and their parents
Bus ride2

Other Donation Options

    1. Nutritional support per family (child and two parents) per year: Rs 13,000.*
    2. Sponsorship of a Family Unit per year: Rs 50,000. Family Units will become available for sponsorship in the new Centres at Kolkata and Mumbai during the course of FY 2016-17.
    3. Furniture, furnishings, and equipment for a new 12 unit Centre: Rs 12,00,000
    4. Transportation vehicles (for commuting to/from the hospitals)Thirteen Seater: Rs. 9,50,000 / Thirty-two Seater: Rs. 17,00,000 / Forty Seater: Rs. 22,00,000*
    5. Sponsorship of one time capital costs for the creation of a new Centre: Rs. 45,00,000 - 60,00,000 (depending on size of Centre)*
    6. Sponsorship of operating costs of a Centre for one year: Rs 35,00,000 - Rs. 45,00,000 (depending on size/city). This covers 70% of our operating costs, with the rest coming from Family Unit sponsors, and our corpus.*
    7. 3rd Circle Expenses Rs. 42,00,000 Covers Education, Counselling and Recreation for a year for our existing 18 Centres
    8. Hygiene Rs.7,50,000 Per Year
In addition, you could volunteer your time and skills to the organisation or you could empower the parents staying with us. *Subject to Change

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