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The founders of St. Jude India ChildCare Centres uncovered a huge unmet social need to provide a safe and clean environment for children to recuperate during their Cancer treatment. These children, along with their families, travel to Mumbai from distant towns and villages, in the hope of being cured at the Tata Memorial Hospital, where they receive free of charge treatment. Unfortunately, while the hospital is able to provide medical treatment to these children, they often have no place to live and end up sleeping on the footpaths outside the hospital, in terribly unhygienic conditions. As we know from our own experiences with people suffering from chronic diseases like Cancer, the environment in which we convalesce is important to ensure that treatment is effective. However, these children, who already have severely weakened immunity systems due to their ongoing chemotherapy, become susceptible to various infections and other diseases which make the treatment they receive at Tata Memorial Hospital ineffective.


St. Jude with its centres in different cities provides free of cost housing for these children and their parents, along with free nutritional support, transportation services to take these children to the hospital, counseling services as well as activities such as 'art-based therapy' to keep them engaged and motivated during their time away from the hospital. Our goal is to create a "home away from home" for these children, by providing them with the physical and emotional necessities that will give them a better chance of beating Cancer. In March 2012 we have extended to Kolkata and opened our first Centre there. We have plans to open Centres in other cities alongside hospitals which provide quality treatment.


At St. Jude, we don’t just seek to provide shelter to these child patients. Our mission and work rests firmly on our core value, that high quality and holistic healthcare facilities should be available to all regardless of their economic status. We have therefore incorporated the highest quality standards in all aspects of the care we provide – including the hygiene and cleanliness of our centres, the food grains we provide to our families and the quality of educational and recreational support we offer. In a country where care for the needy, has long been accepted as dismal, at best, St. Jude is working to not only fill in a large unmet need, but also to fundamentally change this mindset.

  • After having firmly laid its foundation across seven Centres in Mumbai and one Centre in Kolkata, St. Jude India is all set to spread its wings across other cities in India.

    By August 2014, 2 new Centres will open their doors to 29 more families. These 2 new Centres include one in Hyderabad and 1 in Mumbai. Read more




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It was a wonderful experience. Very, very, clean and hygienic, and very efficiently managed." Vibha Krishnamurthy, 3rd March, 2014
No words to describe...it's really an awesome feeling to meet the children suffering from this deadly disease. Hats off to your great work. Keep on going." Dr Madhuri Lulla, 4th March 2014
An outstanding centre for children and their parents. You are doing wonderful job.Thank you for helping so many children.
Tim Eden(Emeritus Prof. of Paediatric and Adolescent Oncology at University of Manchester and Medical Patron with World Child Cancer) 7th January, 2014
We are proud to be a part of the Center and commend everyone involved. This is truly the most important work we can all do together. We look forward to staying in your hearts and minds from Canada for many more years." - Geoff Beattie – Deputy Chairman, Thompson Reuters (Date of Visit – March 18, 2013) (Sponsor of the wall of tiles that showcases the artwork of our children at our Kharghar centres)


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