How you can help us

St.Judes provides free accommodation and holistic support to children travelling with their parents for treatment of cancer from villages and small town to cities. Your support can help us bridge the gap between what the hospitals provide and what every child needs to get a fighting chance to beat cancer

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Where your money goes

Needy children under treatment for cancer in a city away from their hometown need a clean, safe, hygienic place to stay, nutritional support, transportation to hospital for treatment, as well as recreation, education and counseling. St.Judes provides all this and more to the children and their parents...

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Latest Happenings

22/04/2017 - St. Judes Organizes Its First Math Mela
10/04/2017 - A Milestone of Success: St. Judes Welcomes Our 10,000th Admission
30/03/2017 - Minister Nitin Gadkari Inaugurates Our Cotton Green Campus
05/11/2016 - St. Judes Day Celebration
01/10/2016 - The Purnima Dwarkadas Centre was inaugurated on Saturday
25/09/2016 - Premlata Vandravan Shah Charities has most generously sponsored three centres at the Cotton Green Campus
23/09/2016 - The first families moved into our new Cotton Green Campus on Friday 23rd Sept

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